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Calling Plans
There are two domestic calling plans available to meet your calling needs – an unlimited plan that provides unlimited direct-dialed, domestic calling, which includes calling to US Territories, Canada and Puerto Rico for a low monthly rate. The per minute plan is an option for those who have very low monthly calling who, for a small monthly fee, can make direct-dialed, domestic outbound calls, which includes calling to US Territories, Canada and Puerto Rico, for only $0.05 per minute.

Online Voice Mail
Check voicemail messages from the computer (with an Internet connection) or by calling 1-888-2FIOSVM (1-888-234-6786) and entering your passcode. CA, TX and FL customers should use 1-844-387-5200. If you haven't set up your passcode it's the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Calling Features
Ever been away from home and remembered an important call was coming in that you wanted to take on your cell phone? Perhaps you are working on a special project at home and don’t want to be disturbed or not sure where you are going to be that day, but need your calls to follow you? Simple – go online and activate/deactivate features with a ‘click of the mouse’ so that you can enjoy more of your day instead of worrying about how your day will run. You must have an Internet connection to take advantage of these, and all other, online account manager features

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